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Around twenty Vassar students went to Washington, D.C. to attend a conference, rally, and meetings with senators, as a part of the Never Go Back campaign.

Students from Vassar Repertory Dance Theater performed five private shows at the Lincoln Center Institute’s Clark Studio, the first New York City tour the group made.

The Class of ’05 restarted Thursday Pub Nights at the Vassar Pub Nights. The pub nights had been halted after allegations of underage drinking, disruptive behavior, and vandalism were reported.

2003, February 10. Several Vassar organizations, including Feminist Alliance, the Women’s Center, Unbound, and the Office of Health Education, came together to hold Vassar’s fifth annual V-Day.

2003, February 18. Christopher Buckley, author, editor of Forbes FYI, and a previous speechwriter for George H.W. Bush, gave the Alex Krieger ’95 Memorial Lecture in Skinner Hall.

Students joined about 100,000 to 400,000 protestors in New York City at “The World Says No to War” rally, organized by United for Peace and Justice. Protests occurred throughout the U.S., Europe, and at a scientific post in Antarctica.

An impassioned Vassar senior organized a benefit concert,“In Tune for Farmworker Justice,” for the Rural Migrant Ministry, which is a non-profit that advocated for farmworker rights.

A talk was held in the Noyes Jetson Longue to discuss the question of “does campus security racially profile?”

Students gathered outside of the Residential Life and Dean of Students offices in Main to protest a College Regulations panel ruling. s

The Office of Religious and Spiritual Life held vigils from March 24 to March 28, in order to inspire discussion and reflection on the ongoing war in Iraq.

The Vassar Students Association chose to take an anti-Iraq war position using an online run-off vote.

A fight broke out in the early morning of April 20 that resulted in a call to police and a hospitalization.

The Vassar Miscellany News reported that $4000 worth of property had been stolen from the Townhouses in three separate robberies that semester. ,

The renovation of Jewett House, which lasted around 15 months and cost about $22 million, was finally completed and students were able to begin moving into their new rooms

The Alumnae House closed for renovations that the college hoped would make the house “fresher and cleaner.”

The Environmental Protection Agency issued a $97,000 fine to Vassar College for violating its hazardous waste disposal regulations.

At a panel set up by the Women’s Center, Iraqi journalist Amal Al-Khedairy and historian Nermin Al-Mufti spoke about their experiences of and opinions on the war in Iraq.

Two members of the Vassar Student Association, the Town Student President and the Josselyn House President, missed their second VSA meeting, thus setting an impeachment proceeding into motion. The

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