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February 8, 1988

The Committee to Stop Rape Now and Vice-President for Administrative and Student Services Natalie Marshall ‘51 presented the program “Walking the Sexual Tightrope: Rights, Responsibilities, Respect,” a discussion of sexual power and power imbalance. Assistant Director of Career Development Ellen Timberlake, a coordinator of the program, said, “The purpose of the program as we heard it from the students on the Committee was to organize a week of events focusing not just on acquaintance rape but on the balancing act we try to maintain between taking care of our own rights and those around us.”

As part of the ten-day program, sexuality scholar Andrea Parrot from Cornell University lectured on February 19. Other events included dorm discussions involving role playing, a lecture/demonstration by former police commander Sylvia Bailey on self-defense, a lecture/discussion by Brother-to-Brother’s Michael Grupp on male reactions to rape and a screening of a film about sexual harassment.

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