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January 24, 1988

Vassar clarinetist David Krakauer presented avant-garde jazz in An Evening of Theatre Music in the Powerhouse Theater, in what Mike Rorro ’89, writing in The Miscellany News, called “a brilliant performance of three avant garde compositions…. An Evening of Theatre Music opened with Krakauer walking on stage and saying ’I’m Dave Krakauer,’ followed by a few minutes of pre-recorded applause. He asserted his identity to the audience, but was responded to by canned applause, a symbol of the synthetics of performance. The polarity of his charater was seen in his vacillatioin between the smiling ‘entertainer’ and the alienated, screaming artist. Duality was a central theme.”

Krakauer performed “Homage to K,” “The Kasper in Me,” a duet with the piece’s composer, avant garde pianist Anthony Coleman, and the world première of “Unknown White Clarinet.”

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