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January 30, 1986

The Committee to Locate Alternate Social Space opened a part-time non-alcoholic nightclub in the Aula for a three week trial. “This can only be good and has been sorely needed for years,” said committee member Rick Singer ‘87. “However, if people do not show up for the first few weeks the Administration might get the impression that this is not a popular idea.” The club’s first weekend was well-attended; the Aula hosted 635 on Thursday, 945 on Friday and 705 on Saturday.

Despite some difficulties from its location in an academic building, offering a wider range of entertainment and an ambiance, as one student put it, “much more like New York City night club atmosphere,” the non-alcoholic club flourished in the Aula until 1994, when funds were secured to develop student entertainment space in the underused second floor of the Students’ Building. The Miscellany News

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