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January 19, 1983

President Virginia Smith held a question and answer session, during which she criticized a recent law linking draft registration to federal financial aid. The board chairman of the Association of American Colleges (ACC), Smith announced a resolution adopted by the AAC asking Congress to reconsider the law. “President Smith,” reported Steven Kauderer in The Miscellany News, “called the law ‘penalty without due process.’ Furtheremore, she added that it discriminates against college students who need financial aid (as opposed to students who do not.”

Smith also reported that The Energy Resource Management Co. (THERM) would begin a study of energy consumption and usage. Smith said the company would “participate fully in the implementation of their recommendations and provide training for Vassar College personnel.” She also announced that actres Meryl Streep ’71 would be the speaker at Commencement. Smith released a press statement saying, “We are most excited about welcoming Meryl Streep back to Vassar as the speaker for our 119th graduation. At the age of 33, she is often described as the most talented actress in the country, admired for the depth of her emotion and the range of her talent. She is obviously an intelligent woman—after all, she was graduated from Vassar with honors!—educated in the liberal arts tradition. Success has not clouded her view of what’s important in her life nor diminished the strength of her character. I know her thoughts and example will be of great value to the young men and women in the graduating class.”

The Miscellany News, News from Vassar

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