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October 10, 1982

“Peace is not our inheritance,” said the Reverend Paul Rutgers from Poughkeepsie’s First Presbyterian Church in his sermon in the Chapel on “The Things that Make for Peace.” “It is not our right, nor can we buy it on the cheap…. We pay for war with our dollars, with our cities, with our lives. We think that peace is free. We should found peace academies, pay retribution to victims of violence, bribe armies not to fight. At least we must try. A dollar for the Pentagon, a dollar for peace.”

“The nature of those people who truly work for peace,” reported Christopher Ortiz ’86 in The Miscellany News, “was the focal point of Rutgers’s talk…. ‘Peace does not begin with those who despair, but with those who hope. It does not begin with the wishers, but with the workers.’”

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