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October 10, 1980

The newly-appointed Chinese Ambassador to the United Nations, Ling Qing, spoke to a capacity crowd in the Rose Parlor about Chinese-US relations, and SUNY New Paltz student Hung Huang, a former announcer for Radio Peking, spoke on the role of students in creating good relations between China and the United States. The ambassador, wrote Elenita Ravicz ’84 in The Miscellany News, said that turmoil in Afghanistan and border clashes with Russia made close US-China relations increasingly important, and Hung Huang, concurring, said that many more Chinese students were in America than when she first came to the country seven years ago, at the age of 12. “This is very good,” she said, “because the time has come for societies to learn about and accept each other.”

Hung Huang graduated from Vassar in 1984.

The Years