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May 4, 1974

Blues singer Bonnie Raitt and the rock and roll blues band Orleans “enchanted” a capacity crowd with a sell-out spring concert in the Chapel. After the band’s opening set, according to the narrative by Dean Toda ’74 in The Miscellany News, “the excitement and tension is astounding as Bonnie Riatt walks on…and she plays it very coolly, merely takes at tug at her jeans for her more vocal admirers, then a smile that is both coquette and sweetheart, and sits down to her mike, guitar in hand…. Her voice is as clear as she is beautiful; the crowd is enchanted and roars its approval over and over again…. My reflections…are suddenly shattered, between songs, when a streaker…leaps a few mike chords, plants a kiss on Bonnie’s cheek and disappears off the other wing.”

The Miscellany News

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