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November 10, 1972

Pauline Kael, film critic for The New Yorker, gave the Helen Kenyon Lecture entitled “The Alchemy of Movies.” “Her lecture began,” said David Low ’75, writing in The Miscellany News, “with the problems of being a critic. She emphasized how movie criticism can become corrupted…. But by being merely ‘nice people,’ by not offending anyone, critics become mediocre and do nothing to help the improvement of movies. She said that sometimes movies have such a major selling job, like Love Story [1970] that there’s no fighting against it. Such films are, she says, ‘like a national catastrophe—you have to look at it.’”

Pauline Kael’s collection of New Yorker movie reviews, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang was published in 1969.

The Helen Kenyon Lectureship Fund was established June 7, 1939 by the Associate Alumnae, the Class of 1905 and other friends of Helen Kenyon, ’05, as a contribution to the 75th anniversary fund. Miss Kenyon was an alumnae trustee from 1923 until 1928 and Chairman of the Board from 1929 until 1939.

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