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July 4, 1971

The New York Times reported that it had obtained a copy of a report on the Vietnam moratorium on October 15, 1969, prepared for the Army’s Directorate of Civil Disturbance Planning and Operation by, among others, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Army Intelligence Command. The activities of a number of prominent politicians and celebrities were tracked, and the report’s predictions of “’anticipated’ disturbances in nearly 200 city squares and college campuses around the country,” were, The Times said, was “an essentially misleading estimate of a peaceful day of antiwar protest.”

Among specific claims in the report were that at a Black Panther rally one of the Chicago trial defendants predicted demonstrations on October 17 “throughout the country sponsored by [an] ad hoc committee of lawyers” and that at West Point “girl students from Vassar College and the State University at New Paltz will offer sex to cadets who sign an antiwar petition.”

The New York Times

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