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April 22, 1970

Writing in The New York Times, Marilyn Bender interviewed some of the first male transfer students at Vassar, Sarah Lawrence and Skidmore about their experiences at the formerly all-female colleges. For me, it’s been getting out of the rut of the all-male college and finding new interests and being able to assert oneself in a way one never did before, said Paul Shepard, a Vassar transfer from Williams. The necessity for dates sort of withers away, he added, along with the need to get dressed up on weekends and get drunk. I don’t think that’s what college is about. Nancy Paull ’73 also cited social benefits to the presence of men on campus. She recalled the arduous weekend mixers at Yale that she attended before beginning to date a Dartmouth transfer and staying at Vassar for weekends. It really depresses the girls who feel they have to keep trying, she pointed out.

John Duggan, professor of psychology and vice president for student affairs observed, men and women being educated together can go a long way toward making men more appreciative of what a bright woman can do. Coeducation that’s really equal instead of having men superior should help set a new life style.

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