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January 14, 1970

Dr. Nell Eurich, dean of faculty, resigned at the request of President Simpson, effective February 1. Announcing her resignation at a meeting of the faculty, Dean Eurich explained that, in a letter calling for her resignation, the president had praised her “highly distinguished service,” and that thus, “as he explained, the grounds for his request are general differences between us.” “Certainly,” she continued, “there are, and have been, real differences between us on educational issues and methods of administration. I believe that such differences of opinion in intellectual institutions should be welcomed and examined carefully, in order to reach the best collective judgment on important issues.”

The New York Times

After leaving Vassar Dr. Eurich served as professor of English and vice president for academic affairs at Manhattanville College, as special advisor to the chairman of the International Council for Educational Development in New York City and as a member of the Carnegie Council for Policy Studies on Higher Education. She was also a trustee of the Carnegie Foundation.

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