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November 7, 1957

Emily C. Brown, professor of economics, spoke on “A Vassar Economist’s Research in Russia on Soviet Labor Relations.” This was the first of a series of Vassar faculty scholars’ lectures. The other lecturers were: Inez Scott Ryberg, professor of classics, whose topic was “Art and Ideas in the Service of World Empire;” Mildred Campbell, professor of history, who spoke on “The First Comers: a Study in American Origins” and H. Marjorie Crawford, professor of chemistry, who entitled her talk “A Journey into Space.”

Later speakers in the series were Professor of Art Adolf Katzenellenbogen, who explained “The Personification of the Church in Mediaeval Art;” A. Scott Warthin, professor of geology, who explored “Dissolving Islands and Other Impossibilities;” Professor of Italian Maria Piccirilli, whose topic was “Dante’s Mysterious Lady;” Mary Giffin, professor of English, who spoke on “King Arthur and the Round Table in Poetry and Politics” and Professor of Child Study L. Joseph Stone, who discussed “The Deaf Child.”

The Years