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March 10, 1934

Residents of the new cooperative living unit in the Blodgett Hall of Euthenics entertained 25 men from colleges as far away as Virginia at the first annual “Blodgett Brawl.” Held from nine until midnight in the Club Room of Kenyon Hall, the dance was preceded by Saturday breakfast for early arrivees and a dinner served in Blodgett, “the menu,” according to The Miscellany News, “including lamb, green peas and ice cream with chocolate sauce. Great amusement was afforded by the guest who covered his meat and potatoes with chocolate sauce, mistaking it for gravy. China was wheeled from other halls in baby buggies for the occasion, and the dishwashing squad carried on as usual aided by escorts appropriately garbed in colorful aprons.”

Overseen by Warden Eleanor Dodge ’25 and Ruth Mallay ’31 of the child study department, the dancers were entertained by Christine Ramsey ’29, professor of English and speech, and—often with colleagues Clair Leonard and Quincy Porter— the producer of satiric entertainments. Author of such Vassar favorites as “It Must Be Something About Me,” “Love is Just What I Thought” and “The Floraborealis Girls,” Ramsey included “I’ve Got an Eight Cylinder Love for a Two Cylinder Man” and “Just a Moment, Mr. Conductor” in her “Blodgett Brawl” program. A midnight buffet was served in Blodgett Hall, and “On Sunday the group was left to shift for itself until 4:30 when tea was served in the living room.”

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