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February 6, 1914

The first issue of the Vassar Miscellany Weekly, a news supplement, appeared on campus, promising to “answer an old need of the college for a more efficient bulletin of events and for a better means of comment.” “In planning to issue the material contained in the back part of the Miscellany in a News Supplement,” the editors of the new publication said, “it was hoped not only that the work of the board of literary editors would be lightened, but also that the interest of the college would be quickened to a broader understanding of its problems, and a strong sene of coöperation in working them out….All events of importance to the college at large, it will try to record clearly. It will endeavor to bring events of world interest into closer connection with the college. It will voice any opinion on matters of interest to the colleg world.” Topics in the first issue ranged from President Taylor’s approaching retirement and changes in the faculty for the current term to campus fire protection and a piece entitled “Why Have Exams?” which argued that “Exam time, to most peopel, resembles one prolonged execution time” and urged “a scheme of monthly writtens, in the place of semester EXAMINATIONS.”

After February 9, 1917, the journal was continued as The Miscellany News.

The Years