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June 13, 1899

Class Day ceremonies began with a procession—seniors in brightly colored gowns followed by sophomores and juniors in white and by the 12 members of the daisy chain—to a platform erected at the rear of Main Building. Elsie Nichols ’99, president of the class, welcomed the gathering, and class historians Annie Calvert Jones ’99 and Alice Taggart ’99 “humorously told,” respectively, highlights of the class’s first two years and the last two years at Vassar. The class song, with words by Miss Taggart and music by Louise Jacobs ’99, was sung to an orchestral accompaniment, and as the singing progressed the Daisy Chain led the gathering to the class tree. The senior spade orator, Eleanor Ray ’99 handed Matthew Vassar’s spade to her sister, Maude Louise Ray ’00, who “responded in a happy speech.”

The Years