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November 12, 1893

“We had fudges. Fudges is a kind of candy, made of 2 glasses of sugar, ¼ cake of chocolate, one glass of milk and a little butter….”

MS letter

Fudge was known as “Vassar fudges” for many years. In 1912, Emelyn Hartridge ’92 wrote Professor of History Lucy Maynard Salmon that she had introduced the confection to Vassar in 1888, having learned of it in Baltimore: “Fudge, as I first knew it, was first made in Baltimore by a cousin of a schoolmate of mine. It was sold in 1886 in a grocery store for 40 cents a pound…. From my schoolmate, Nannie Hagner…I secured the recipe and in my first year I made 30 pounds for the Senior Auction, its real introduction to the college, I think.” Within a few years, a fondness for fudge had spread to other women’s colleges.

Lee Edwards Benning, Oh Fudge: A Celebration of America’s Favorite Candy

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